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Hidden Spirits &
The Wild Parrot
featuring Giulia Ronchetti

fight for Crema and Brescia

hidden spirits
hidden spirits

The spread of Covid-19 has hit Italy and our community hardly and has touched deeply our personal and professional lives. For this reason we decided to help those who saves lives putting their own at risk every day.

Our cities have been dramatically effected and we have teamed up with Giulia Ronchetti, our friend and partnership artist, to pay a tribute to Crema and Brescia creating two exclusives prints.

Giulia Ronchetti per Brescia
Giulia Ronchetti
Giulia Ronchetti per Crema
Giulia Ronchetti

These prints, donated by Giulia, will be used as artistic labels of two of our greatest bottling we have released so far, both rated with 91 points on

hampden the wild parrot
Hampden The Wild Parrot 1998-2017 62%
(first release)
91 punti Whiskyfun
Ben Nevis Hidden Spirits
Ben Nevis Hidden Spirits 1998-2019 55,4%
(SC 40th birthday release)
91 punti Whiskyfun

These products embellished with the new artistic labels, are limited to 1 bottle each release, will be sold through an online ballot on

There will be 2 draws: one for the Ben Nevis 1998 and one for the Hampden 1998, hence two winners.

The participation fee for the ballot is €50.
The winners will be announced online on a Facebook Live streaming service. Date and time of the live ballot will be announced to all the participants via email in advance.

Protezione Civile A.N.A.I. Crema – Lo SparviereThis is a charity ballot and all the fees will be donated to Protezione Civile A.N.A.I. Crema – Lo Sparviere.

The winners will receive:
The bottle, the original print signed by Giulia Ronchetti and the rights to purchase a guaranteed allocation for the next releases of Hidden Spirits and The Wild Parrot for 2020/2021.

For transparency the two prizes will be shipped after the emergency of Covid-19, the date is to be confirmed.

“We aim to achieve €5000”
Fundraising will end on 25 april 2020.

Andrea Ferrari e Stefano Cremaschi

Hidden Spirits & The Wild Parrot
featuring Giulia Ronchetti
fight for Crema and Brescia

Thanks for participating !
The fundraising campaign has now ended.
The draw for the two bottles will be broadcasted on the Facebook page of Piero Caputo on the

1st of May 2020 at 21:00 (CET)

To watch the live streaming will be easy, you will find the link on this page and on the Hidden Spirits and The Wild Parrot social media accounts.